Kinfolk Volume 6 in Statesboro

Kinfolk has been a favorite magazine since our introduction… that first publication.  Yes. We still like print and paper around here… it’s a quarterly magazine that celebrates simple living and creating special moments with friends, family, and people you love. These are all the things we covet.

A breath of fresh air, Kinfolk inspires you to get off the computer, cook a meal with friends, play a game, go camping, have a cup of tea in bed, pick flowers, take the long road home or just take a moment out of your life to do nothing. It’s outdoorsy, peaceful, rustic, refined and real.  It’s calm and relaxing. It’s easy and elegant.

It’s what we aspire for… leisure, love, living.

Kinfolk is brimming with practical ideas, impractical ideas, recipes, stories, and vivid photography.  It’s nostalgic, classic and traditional, elegant and real.

Kinfolk 6 by the little dröm store
Kinfolk 6, a photo by the little dröm store on Flickr.

It makes a pretty good gift (if we can say so!) with fire-building techniques, recipes for cozy weekends, ideas for venturing out-of-doors, fragrant simmer pots, a foraging guide for pine trees, and inspiration for the dark days of winter.

It’s nostalgic, classic and traditional, elegant and real. It’s wholesome hearted. It’s everything that we are and aspire to be, which is why we are so extremely, excited and honored to tell you that: KINFOLK HAS A HOME ON OUR SHELVES. Yes. We are over the moon, indeed.

You can come in a get a copy, or we are happy to deliver it.

Kinfolk Volume 6


  • Paper, ink
  • 138 pages
  • Simon & SchusterStyle #: 24399248
  • $18.00 includes delivery in the Statesboro, Bulloch County area

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