Hand in Hand: Sustainable Suds

Hand in Hand: Sustainable Suds

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Hand in Hand (the company that donates one bar of soap to a child in need with every bar purchased) recently added three new designs to their line of Sustainable Suds, and we have them all!

The packaging, which is beautiful, was art directed and designed by Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy . The soaps are available locally at our corner shop  and at Anthropologie stores nationwide.

“Sustainable Suds means more than just providing an eco-friendly soap. The soap’s paper wrap is made from 30% recycled material.

All shipping boxes go beyond the recycled content standards from the US Environmental Protection Agency and have achieved Cradle to Cradle certification. Impressive!

After each order is placed, Hand in Hand Soap will purchase a corresponding carbon offset so each shipment becomes carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a way to counterbalance or compensate for the greenhouse gases produced during shipment.

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