New App Sends Snail Mail



hmm. interesting.  it seems odd that a highly technological app would send mail, right? snail mail? it seems in direct contradiction with modern times, but admit it — you miss it, right?

that genuine feeling of surprise when you get mail… ah! it’s irreplaceable. so warm and romantic. well, at least the pretty kind of mail (bills be damned).

printic is a new app that provides an easy way to print and share pictures from your iphone. it’s a snap. simply choose pictures, edit them, and select your recipients: they’ll receive cute polaroid-style print in less than three days in the mailbox, wrapped in a beautiful orange envelope.

okay, yes. i totally admit it: i am. in l.o.v.e. with this app – for shop and personal use. I LOVE MAIL. when i think of it i think of my grandmother. she’s the only person i know that still uses it as a primary communication method. i fail to return the favor as often as i should. i think i will send a pretty little picture today via printic.

thanks printic — yay for pretty snail mail!



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Today we have great-and-super-awesome fortune to attend a  multi-day bridal flower workshop given by HitomiGilliam with Barry Cowart and A Floral Affair.
Are you familiar with Hitomi’s work? All we can say is: WOW. Like, totally. If you are unfamiliar, looking her up is worth the effort because Hitomi is absolutely fabulous.

Tonia McElveen, a senior floral designer, is traveling to Hilton Head to represent the Colonial House.

We’re so proud. 

Last week while in NYC, I had the pleasure of conversation with Laura  Iarocci of Faith Flowers. “You’re going to love visiting with Hitomi. She’s a dear friend. She is practical… knows a lot about mechanics. And, she is interested in encouraging the love of flowers in children… for future generations to carry-on this art,” she said.

We are eager to experience what Laura is referencing, to learn, to grow at this conference.

Have fun, Tonia. Give it all you’ve got! So, so, so very proud of you.



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St. Patrick’s Day

It’s almost the weekend! Do you know what you’re doing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

We have been enjoying almost-Spring weather since last week and that has us dreamy-eyed and getting the garden primed.

We couldn’t help our self last week, or this week.  When Renee (our nursery girl) visited with wonderful clovers, we had to say, “aha and absolutely!”  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Michelle delivered a few to First Friday to decorate a festive little table.

And, so you know: all shamrocks are clover.  In fact, the name originates from the word “seamrog” which means “little clover.” There are hundreds of varieties.  The sweet variety we chose have wonderful color and a bonus of vibrant little flowers that  bloom! {You know we’re all-about blooming flowers.}

Did you know that the leaves close up when not in the sun? Yeah. We love it, too.

So, the picture at the top of the perfect centerpiece for your St. Patrick’s Day tablescape is easy:

Simply take a head of cabbage, pull out the center to eat. Put the clover pot in a  plastic bag. And then, drop it into the leaves. Place atop a pretty dish.

We’ll leave you with little Irish blessing

Wishing you joys that are lasting and true,
A heart that’s not troubled or gray,
Friends who will travel life’s pathway with you. {us!}
And the luck of the Irish each day.
photo from Wendy’s Hat


cotton hammock

via pretty spaces

Don’t forget: Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 a.m. on Sunday! How will you and your family be enjoying the extra hour of daylight?

The purple flower bedding the hammock is Lavender. It is known as a calming and relaxing herb. In fact, it is used for insomnia, anxiety, depression, and natural stress relief.

We hope you have a calm and relaxing extra hour. Have a great weekend.