New App Sends Snail Mail



hmm. interesting.  it seems odd that a highly technological app would send mail, right? snail mail? it seems in direct contradiction with modern times, but admit it — you miss it, right?

that genuine feeling of surprise when you get mail… ah! it’s irreplaceable. so warm and romantic. well, at least the pretty kind of mail (bills be damned).

printic is a new app that provides an easy way to print and share pictures from your iphone. it’s a snap. simply choose pictures, edit them, and select your recipients: they’ll receive cute polaroid-style print in less than three days in the mailbox, wrapped in a beautiful orange envelope.

okay, yes. i totally admit it: i am. in l.o.v.e. with this app – for shop and personal use. I LOVE MAIL. when i think of it i think of my grandmother. she’s the only person i know that still uses it as a primary communication method. i fail to return the favor as often as i should. i think i will send a pretty little picture today via printic.

thanks printic — yay for pretty snail mail!



photo from here


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