Mother’s Day Idea.

So true. SoOO true.
The Good Life shared it. And, we believe it.
Hmm, and next Mother’s Day… think we should put that on the chalkboard along with some other good sayings.
Set up a Mimosa bar.

Mimosa bar. Tulips. Colorful. Perfect.
pinned, here
Bring in some pretty, comfy chairs, some delish nibbles, pretty flowers and let  Mother’s celebrate being Mother’s.
What do you think?

Only The Lonely Bouquet

Wow! What a great week this has been here at Colonial House of Flowers.

We are so excited to announce our participation in the first International Lonely Bouquet Day! We are so thrilled to bring this fabulous movement to our lovely little Statesboro, Georgia. The Lonely Bouquet Day is a way to brighten someones day through the power of flowers. The concept is to make flower arrangements and leave them anonymously around town for someone else to find and keep. You attach a tag to the flowers that says “TAKE ME!” and a little explanation of The Lonely Bouquet.

Paige received the chance to make a bouquets (for the first time ever!!!).

Paige making her FIRST BOUQUET (EVER!) for #thelonelybouquet

And,  deliver them all around town for people to find! Of course, she was not satisfied with just leaving them so instead Paige got out of her work clothes and went incognito to be able to watch who discovered the bouquets and their reaction to the lovely surprise! Paige was even able to snap a few pictures of their reaction from across the way!

What a wonderful feeling it is to brighten a strangers day!

 Here is one of the reactions Paige was able to capture:


 To view the rest of the photos Paige captured check them out HERE!

Also, make sure you check out The Lonely Bouquet Movements Facebook page and their official website and join the movement, we had such an awesome time taking part in this- and we hope you do too!

P.S. It’s Monday…

Hello readers. And, happy Monday to you all!

Last week, I told you about my latest obsession. Today:  I want to share with you my love for dogs. And, especially having your pet in your wedding!

A hot topic right now seems to be dogs in weddings, leashing them in & including them by simply walking down the aisle with the stunning bride, or carrying the ring.  Obviously, I am a little too young to be getting married but our fabulous Creative Director at Colonial House of Flowers, Mrs. Christy, had her dog in her wedding. And, it’s just a wonderful trend.

 Having the dog wear a beautiful flower arrangement on their collar to coordinate with the bouquets, color scheme and aesthetic of the wedding is a great way to add something special & meaningful to the ritual. Incorporating something that means so much to the bride and the groom into the day is romantic!

I was wondering what it would be like to have my sweet dog in my wedding so I brought her into the shop and dressed her up in some flowers!

Isn’t she adorable? Paws-ibly the prettiest dog model on the planet?

Ryder and I had such an amazing time in the shop dressing her up! In fact, she wasn’t too sure which arrangement she liked best!

Check out this image I found of Ms. Christy:

And, here are some other great images I pinned on our shop board:

Dogs are a natural addition to the wedding party because pets are an important part of a couple’s relationship.  Couples  include them in the party list just as they would include anybody else they really love.  The other perks to dogs in weddings: they always get the dress code right & they look adorable in pictures. 🙂

dog in wedding

If you do decide to let your dog in on your great day, then please treat them after the ceremony because they deserve it! 

Though including our furbabies in a wedding certainly takes extra care, consideration, and flexibility the extra effort is so worth it. I hope I (and, Ryder, too!) have inspired you to include your dog in your wedding. Afterall, the pictures will be adorable, and we can be with all the ones that we love!

Until Next Week,

P.S. It’s Monday

If you have have pictures of you and your dog in your wedding, they must be adorable. Please share!
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How to Water Your Air Plant

Splish, splash it’s time for our Tillandsia’s to take a bath. Fun times in the studio! Incredibly easy, we’re always surprised to hear, “I had one of these air plants once but it died .”  Our immediate inquiry:  ” how were you watering it? ”

We love to see these babies thrive so, we’re going to tell you:

How to Water Your Air Plant

First so you know, it is easy. And, it’s one of the most important aspects of succeeding with Tillandsias.  Because their nickname,  Air Plants, people think they need no water. Well, they’re not living on air. In fact, this is the biggest mistake that’s made. Air plants need agua, although they can survive for long periods of drought, they aren’t growing or happily thriving in these conditions. Would you?

When they’re parched the Tillandsia’s are dormant trying to survive. They will die if water is scarce for too long. Admittedly, they amazingly “hang in there” for a really long time with eency amounts of water.

Now having said that, your plant will also rot to death if left wet for too long. So, this means your plant loves water but needs to completely dry out before drinking again.  Air Plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in no longer than 4 hours upon watering. It’s best to water your plants in the morning so they dry by night. We lay them on paper towels to dry because it soaks up the moisture.

Humidity isn’t a source of water for your baby. Tillandsias can only absorb water if it literally sits on their leaves – in nature through dew, fog or rain. Humidity actually delays the drying process. Tillandsias are covered in suction scales (trichomes) that capture moisture, these scales automatically close when your plant has enough.  Cool, huh?

Get to know your plant. Handle the leaves.  After watering the leaves will feel stiff and full of water. Conversely, when water is wanted they’ll be softer to touch and the plant will be lighter in color.  Dehydration can be noticed by flaccid, wrinkled or rolled leaves.

Water Quality

Water quality is not important to Tillandsias.  In fact, distilled water is too pure as it will actually pull nutrients out of the plant tissue. Refrain from using distilled water.


Watering Schedule

Your plant needs to be watered at least 2 to 3 times per week. Misting is generally not sufficien. Air plants need to be watered (underneath as well as on top) to the point of runoff.   Just imagine, it is just like they’ve just gone through a rain storm. Two rainstorms per week is perfect. The easiest way to achieve this is to actually immerse the whole plant in the sink or  bucket if possible, if not, use a hose or the kitchen faucet to totally wet your plant. Your plant will also appreciate a good soaking for several hours every one to two weeks (although never submerge the blooming flower for more than a few seconds, or the petals will dissolve, of course if you’re going away for several weeks it is more important to give your plant sufficient water, than to the preserving of  the bloom). In extremely dry conditions, or in the house or office with air conditioning or heating going, your plant may require more water, if your plant looks dry (check in the leaf sheaths, and the base of the plant) you could water daily if required, as long as the plant dries out before being watered again, you will not cause harm to the plant (there are exceptions to this rule, if you’ve purchased a different care plant you should have been informed). Shake out any excess water from your plant container, don’t forget your plant wants to dry out by nightfall, not to be left sat in water. Shake off any excess water from fleshy plants. Give thin leaf varieties an extra spray on their tips as they dry out faster.

Terrarium Love

Terrariums—what’s not to love? they’re all shapes and sizes, easy to care for, and totally bring en plein air vibe to your house. Terrariums are personal, intimate and absolutely gorgeous.

This past Father’s Day weekend, we made a super dash to get stunning containers —and we’re sharing the scoop of our latest fancy with you here.



Peek through the glass to see a little magic—vibrant color in a tiny world guaranteed to brighten your day.

One of the things we love to talk about  is the act of bringing the outdoors in, a so-simple touch that adds warmth to to a space.  Terrariums, which require minimal care, do this naturally & awesome-ly – wait, what’s that? You don’t have to have a green thumb? Easy care? Perfect!


Container Recipe: Miniature moth orchid, silver ribbon fern, ripple peperomia, table fern, and moss.                                                                                     Love this one from Southern Living/Robbie Caponetto

Beyond the visual warmth these mini earth capsules radiate, they make good gifts. Running the gamut from artistic to straightforward; from high maintenance to none, they’re ideal for everyone on your list.

Terrarium’s are simple to make, too.  Find a container, add some drainage rocks, hmm, maybe a little sand, add plants and you’re done.  Here’s directions for How to Make a Terrarium, yourself.

We hope we’ve shared our passion with you,  explained all the glass orbs about our studio, intrigued you,  given you a way to test your gardening skills with the least effort, and inspired you.

Made from recycled glass, each Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium is free-blown without a mold, creating giant glass bubbles that are then flattened and curved into shape. Prices start at $99 for a small (9 inches high) and go up to $165 for the extra

this one from Roost

There’s tons of different ways to present your creation and so many different types. Which one is right for you?

P.S. It’s Monday…

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Shearer.

And, I am the public relations intern at the wonderful Colonial House of Flowers.

Every Monday I’ll post something on our blog from myself, it may not be about what I am currently working on in the shop, or even about flowers at all.  Rather, something I think is interesting, amusing or enchanting & would love to share. Fun, huh?

Today I’m going to tell you all about one of my latest obsessions: Emi Jay hair ties!

photo from my pinterest board

I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. They’re stretchy accessories for tying your hair up that don’t  leave a crease. Wow! Finally done with throwing my hair up for five minutes and not being able to take it down because of that awful crease that pony tails leave in your locks – not to mention how bad they are for you!

These hair ties come in an assortment of colors.  And, look cute even when they’re around your wrist. My favorite places to find new Emi-Jay’s around here are:  RJ Pope, Threads, Viola’s Market & next door at Entourage

The Beach Lover Package - 6 Elastic Solid Color Hair Ties that Double as Bracelets by Mane Message on Etsy

this is the beach lover package 🙂

If shopping isn’t your thing, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own Emi-Jay inspired bands. Or, Social in the Market District has a hair ties that are similar to Emi-Jays.

You can even dress them up with things like flowers:

pinned onto Paige's Pins by Colonial House 

Emi Jay has headbands, ties & bows. And, they all work amazingly.  Okay honestly, they HOLD for everything – a workout,  a long day of vase building, plant gathering, flower deliveries, class  and campus. They even work for high-glamour situations  and well, so many different occasions. 

photo from the southern eclectic

So, I am sharing my latest obsession in this first post. Seriously – they stay in place. All day. And look super chic.

Hope you have crease-free hair days ahead!

Until Next Week,

P.S. It’s Monday