Trip to Paris

Guess where our very own Robin L is going?

Photo by colonialhouseofflowers

instagram log

 You can bet your pretty pink poodle we’re in absolute envy of her fabulous trip to Paris!!

Since we totally swoon over everything in the most romantic city on earth – weddings, flowers, accordions, macaroons, creme brulee well, anything you-name-it, Robin is letting us in on the foray.  We’re going to a wedding, and sharing the snap shots.

Is it me or does a quaint cafe’s and espresso make everything better?

Photograph  from Rylee Hitchner Photography from Two Little Owls

Don’t you love how everything sounds more romantic, tastes sweeter and looks prettier with the Eiffel Tower in the background… just makes it dreamy.

Merci, Robin. Merci!

more of paris right here! and, here! Oui! and, here!

 photo (macroons & flowers) from Lexia Frank Photography

Follow our very on Robin L as she visits the European countryside, here. 

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