Colonial House Giveway + FTD

Any time we have an opportunity to collaborate with FTD on a celebration, we jump on it. But can you blame us? Their age-old flower delivery system is pretty much the bomb dot com, and  they always have the best holidays. In honor of our sweet Statesboro friends, I mean everyone is soo nice here (we really, truely LOVE y’all), we’ve gathered the ribbon, sharpened the shears, have someone handling the entries and have called every helper we know.

And the result? We’ll be handing out  1000 of the prettiest flowers you can ever wish for.

A few of our neighbors will receive a dozen roses on this day. This is so-great, if we do say so. FTD has a knack for creating the best holidays. And, Statesboro has the nicest people!  We’re so excited to participate for the very first time. Oh yeah, and, just because nominees receive the dozens doesn’t mean the fun ends. Because, my dears, the recipient is asked to take one and give away the others to 11 different people.

We’ve teamed up with FTD Good Neighbor Day and worked hard to bring you one of the coolest giveaways EVER.



TO ENTER: Head to Statesboro Herald and tell us about someone you know in Statesboro who is constantly inspiring others, or making everyone feel welcome. We want to know about someone who does nice things for people.

PRIZE: The lucky CH fan will receive a dozen wrapped roses. And, we’d love if they’d keep one and give the others to 11 different people.

DEADLINE: All entries must be received by September ?, at 11:59 pm EST.  The winners will be announced right here on Suite 1I on September 11, 2013.  We’re crossing our fingers for you! xoxo


We’d love civic group and business partners, so if you want to join in, let us know here:

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