Reasons to Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers Early


Rosaprima roses are our signature delivery on Valentine’s Day in Statesboro, Georgia.

  1. It’s CRAZY ROMANTIC. We love a good surprise.
  2. Wow her coworkers. You’ll be the hero in the office. “When your delivery man walks into the bank, it’s like a fire alarm went off. Every woman in the bank looks up and stares. You could hear ah pin drop,” Shane Guering local bank manager laughs. Enough said.
  3. Someone will bet there. There’s nothing like surprising someone with a flower delivery. And, you wanna make it go off without a hitch. If you are unsure if she’ll be home on Valentine’s Day. It’s on Saturday and there’s lots we girls could be doing like shopping (hey we’re being honest here!). Send them to her work early in the week when you KNOW someone will be there to receive them.
  4. Not sitting in the cold. The weather is totally unpredictable this year, and flowers are delicate. Outside weather – sun, cold, heat, rain and last year snow, do not go well with flowers. Delivering early in the weeks means we have more time to reach her so the flowers aren’t left behind.
  5. Enjoy those bad boys (the gorgeous roses!) alll week long. Bring on  Valentine’s and Saturday night!
  6. One less thing to do on Valentine’s Day. You’ll have a million things to do that day. Order and we will save you time. You’re welcome.
  7. Beat the Valentine’s Day rush – more options. It’s simple supply and demand. Early bird gets the worm and the best chocolates, prettiest strawberries, flowers and teddy bears. You’ll have more to choose from early on.
  8. Surprise her – ask her out. Send the flowers as a formal invitation to your special Valentine’s Day date night. Hey, include a gift card for dinner if you like. Text messages are so beneath your smooth moves.
  9. Because when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Best Florist In Statesboro Herald’s Best Of The Boro 2014 Contest

Thank you for voting Colonial House of Flowers Best Florist in the Statesboro Herald Best of the Boro Contest 2014.


There’s something magical about Statesboro. You know it’s true. For us, there’s something special about being here since 1968. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes, businesses, events, weddings, funerals, and hearts all these years.

We work so hard, putting every single thing we have into every single thing we do. It means long hours some days. It means giving up time with our family and friends to make things for you. It means researching, making mistakes, learning, growing, and creating awesome. This really is an honor for our little shop. We appreciate you very, very much.

Thank you, Statesboro.


The men and women of the U.S. military have always served as a crazy-awesome source of inspiration. They inspire us in our service to the greater good & remind us of the importance of our ongoing commitment to our communities, partners, fans, friends, family and everyday work.

Our parents, and partners have served, and are serving.

We are committed & grateful to the men, women, and families who have served; and those, that have fallen. 

Thank you for serving our country. 

Friends or family in the service? Tell them to stop by today so we can thank them in person. Free long stem rose, tied with patriotic ribbon for active duty military, and active duty spouses this Veterans Day.

We invite all of our customers to join us in sharing our heartfelt appreciation to those who serve. #thankavet

Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair 2013

Starry Night by Colonial House of Flowers.Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair 2013 Display.   Photography; @Jessica Porter

We are beyond ecstatic to show you some pics from the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair last week. It’s our chance to share with you the exciting projects we’ve been working on (because there is so much time, effort, fun and love in them you just won’t believe}

We call our booth Starry Night by Colonial House. It makes us think of Vincent Van Gough though it doesn’t carry the same magnificance. It makes our inner artist smile. 🙂

For those of you who do not know, Colonial House of Flowers has been a part of the fair for as long as we can remember. After a short few year hiatus, we returned to the scene in 2012 (in the parade & display) as we reminisced of the Christmas House by Colonial House of year’s past. Though we didn’t revive the old peek-through into Santa’s world, we did enter a booth display. And, oh, oh, the fun it was – so we did it again this year!
Love the tandem bike ride through downtown Statesboro to the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair Parade. BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR!
This last photo is of Mike Bowen & Greg Ponder post the party, end of the week after it was all over. You guys represent a whole lot of people that we want to thank for the endless hours of hardwork and enthusiasm that you and the Kiwanis put into this Statesboro tradition. 4-H. Pittman Park Church. And, we know there are many others.
The fair holds a special place in our hearts. Thank you for the best one, yet. See you in 2014!
Lori Grice Photography took a few photos, this year. And, Southern Revivals, Cindy Howard, Leslie Brammer, 67 Styles shared pictures, too. Thank you so much!!

Yes. YES!

Yes. YES!

I used to pray that God would feed the hungry, or do this or that, but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I’m supposed to do, what I can do. I used to pray for answers, but now I’m praying for strength. I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things.

Style Tip: Uncage Your Creativity


[photography: bella jay photography wedding rental: colonial house of flowers]

These days, wedding birdcages are everything but boring. By simply adding ribbon, candles, flowers, signs or even a little chalk you can make a boring birdcage into a whimsical style building element. If you’re from the south Georgia area you likely recognize this bird cage – as part of our rental lot it’s been a touch in many of our favorite couple’s nuptials over the years.

Here are some birdcage ideas:

So, back to the bird cage at the very tip top. Do you recognize it? Was it a part of your event? Tell us how you used it. Better, share your pictures with us. Yes! We’d love to see:

more birdcage inspiration: 

How To Decorate Bird Cages

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6 Great Uses for Birdcages

Colonial House Crush: Pam Heavner

Pam Heavner of Pam Heavner Fabrics in Chapel Hill, NC  is the most amazing southern woman we've ever met. #Gorgeous

Pam Heavner’s first design project was building her own Barbie Dream House. Who wants to live in pink plastic when it could be oh so much better? Oh, oh, she is sooo our kind-of girl! Her gorgeous fabrics will make you swoon with visions of new drapes and upholstered chairs in your head. We promise. You will be in L.O.V.E.

So, here is the story: Christy met Pam, who is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this summer while working on a project in Washington, D.C. As two southern women amid a group of designers from around the country, the two immediately struck a bond. The conversation quickly turned to the beauty of the Sea Islands, Pam’s summer’s along the Georgia Coast and terrariums.

When Christy amitted she is “ga-ga” over greenery and adores terrariums. Pam confided that she makes them all the time and incorporates them in her interior design projects.  “I love them, too,” she said. The conversation was so enthusiastic that others in the room giggled (alright, the truth is they laughed really loudly!!) at their oomph and vivacity for these joyful little worlds. christyhulsey

Undistracted by the chortle, a friendship was struck. And, to our proud pleasure the accord didn’t conclude that week in the capital city. The two are collaborating with the Colonial House to bring Terrarium Building Workshop to you!

So, it is always a fantastic day when we get to announce a Terrarium Workshop. But when it involves our favorite people, in our favorite spot on the planet? It’s a learning extravaganza, an experience not to be missed. I’m talking all afternoon alongside Pam Heavner & Christy Hulsey as they share the ins and outs of making a terrarium. And set in the stunning Garden of the Coastal Plain, we are more than tempted to go set up camp under the barn right now.

Back to Pam. She recently showed The Scout Guide the easy steps to making these elegant little works of natural wonder. This is a picture from the feature article:

Terrariums with Pam Heavner. LOVE HER! And, am so proud that she is collaborating with us on our October Terrarium Building Class at the Garden of the Coastal Plain. Excited!

You can catch up with The Scout Guide of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill’s afternoon with her, here.

In the case you’re as taken with Pam Heavner as we are, still wanting to know more this is her biography:

Pam Heavner 

       Pam Heavner’s mission is to remind the world to make time for Home. Whatever that is. A baking oven, a blooming garden, an ancestral photograph on the mantel. With a career in Interior Design specializing in historic renovation, she realized the outside of the house is as important as the inside. Coming from three generations of florists, gardening and floral design would complete the picture. “My grandparents had 8 greenhouses on their property and from the first time I saw all those plants living under glass and inhaled that organic, damp smell – I was a gardener”.
      As Pam’s business grew, and time management was the one in charge, terrariums started taking up residence. “It was someone who lived here who could feed and water them self. Viola”!  This vibrancy made it look and feel like home – even when we were gone. “Its the only smell in the world that is described by a color -green”. 
       Studying Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina turned into a 25 year career in Interior Design, specializing  in historic renovation. Pam’s diverse interests have placed her in “Bon Apetite” magazine for her culinary talents, and taken her to the White House to help in the Flower Shop with everything from Christmas to Inaugurations. In 2012  “Pam Heavner Fabric” entered the market place. A collection of linen designed for drapery and upholstery that is marketed and sold internationally on line and at the Atlanta Design Center.  2013 brings the newest division – “Pam Heavner Paper”, a line of fine stationery and paper goods. 

About the Terrarium Workshop: 

Dates: October 26, 2013
Location: Garden of the Coastal Plain at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

Bring: a vase, any thing you specifically want to put in the terrarium (pine cone, plant, or even a smurf)

For more details and to register, head right over here!

Colonial House Giveway + FTD

Any time we have an opportunity to collaborate with FTD on a celebration, we jump on it. But can you blame us? Their age-old flower delivery system is pretty much the bomb dot com, and  they always have the best holidays. In honor of our sweet Statesboro friends, I mean everyone is soo nice here (we really, truely LOVE y’all), we’ve gathered the ribbon, sharpened the shears, have someone handling the entries and have called every helper we know.

And the result? We’ll be handing out  1000 of the prettiest flowers you can ever wish for.

A few of our neighbors will receive a dozen roses on this day. This is so-great, if we do say so. FTD has a knack for creating the best holidays. And, Statesboro has the nicest people!  We’re so excited to participate for the very first time. Oh yeah, and, just because nominees receive the dozens doesn’t mean the fun ends. Because, my dears, the recipient is asked to take one and give away the others to 11 different people.

We’ve teamed up with FTD Good Neighbor Day and worked hard to bring you one of the coolest giveaways EVER.



TO ENTER: Head to Statesboro Herald and tell us about someone you know in Statesboro who is constantly inspiring others, or making everyone feel welcome. We want to know about someone who does nice things for people.

PRIZE: The lucky CH fan will receive a dozen wrapped roses. And, we’d love if they’d keep one and give the others to 11 different people.

DEADLINE: All entries must be received by September ?, at 11:59 pm EST.  The winners will be announced right here on Suite 1I on September 11, 2013.  We’re crossing our fingers for you! xoxo


We’d love civic group and business partners, so if you want to join in, let us know here:

Perfect for Paris

If I were going somewhere as fabulous as Paris, like our very own Robin L. recently did (not a bit envious), you can bet your pretty little pink poodle that we would use it as the best excuse to indulge . Since we’re so inspired by her trip, we made a look book of a night in Statesboro worthy of Paris. And, it sort of makes us dream of France THAT MUCH MORE.


Colonial House of Flowers

Left to Right & Top to Bottom: Hand in Hand Soap, Smith Jewelers, Colonial House of Flowers, Callie’s Pimento Cheese, Dish & Social Boutiques, Pure Vida, & Threads, Chops on Main

Can you think of any other things around that we can do to remind us of this beautiful city?

xo friends!

hoping your weekend is inspired by delightful indulgences here in Statesboro, or wherever  your travel takes you.



P.S. It’s Monday…

Good morning. And, happy Monday to you all!


This week I want to share a little DIY project I did myself! I always had a key chain with 6 or 7 keys on it. I can NEVER distinguish my keys. Which one goes to my apartment? To my room? To my mail box? I stand at the door, trying every key on my the ring until I happen upon luck.

Well, it’s obvious:  I. Need. A. Solution.

So, I headed to Lowe’s to choose from different colored and patterned keys that you can be cut to match your key. After I got there it took only a minute to  figure how much money I would be spending on keys, I headed towards the exit door. My college student budget doesn’t have room for that… they’re too pricey, and not too pretty.

I had an idea!  So, I headed home ready to craft.

The first thing I could think of was acrylic paint… why not? It’s the perfect solution.  Can’t I simply paint each of key a different color & pattern and save myself around $20? Why, certainly. This is perfect!

So, I did exactly that – I went to the craft closet to retrieve some acrylic paint (which they sell at Hobby Lobby for cheap!!).

And, this is where my afternoon went:


I wanted to spice it up with a little pep so i grabbed some sparkly nail polish

 to go over the blue…


Such a quick, easy lively DIY project.

To make sure it doesn’t chip you will need to paint a minimal of 2 coats. Then, make a final coat of clear nail polish!!

Neat, huh? It was such a merry, little fun time doing this. To make it even better: I know I saved so much money. It saved me more than I would’ve spent buying the keys! Now, not only does my key chain look unbelievably bright and fabulous I don’t have to stand at the door for 20 minutes wondering which key will work!!

The Colonial House tool kit is overflowing with keys – delivery keys of all shapes and sizes to wedding venues, churches, event halls, banquet rooms, offices and even houses accumulated since 1968. Have you seen it? Not only does this charming little trick benefit my personal efforts, but it’s the perfect trick to use here at the studio.

Now, every time I look down at my keys, I smile a little bit. It’s funny how a tiny of creativity & a cool idea can brighten your day! 🙂

Hope you all enjoy! Happy crafting!

Until next week,


P.S. If you want more ideas to bedazzle your keys, a few are listed below. Have you painted or made your keys super glittery? Do you have ideas for ways to dress up your keys and make them more distinguishable? Share your ideas and pictures. I’d love to hear!

Glam Up Your Boring Key

DIY Glitter Key Tutorial and other Idea found here or here

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  Color Code Your Keys With Nail Polish

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