Spanish Moss

Hey, y’all. We’ve got something to admit. We are in absolute adulation. The head-over-heels totally infatuated kind. We are in love with spanish moss. It’s whimsical and oh-so-romantic in the way it drapes, it swings and it sways.

Like a curtain that sprawls to the floor, falling heavy in some creases while lightly in others. It’s the quiet blind that shades the canvas. Hanging naturally beautiful, it grows rampantly throughout the canopy of the south. And we say grows because afterall, it is a bromeliad air plant that thrives on nutrients and moisture. It breeds and lives.

Once you lay your eyes on this iconic fixture in trees throughout the southeastern United States, ,you’ll be smitten too!

Ready to take a peek? 

 IMG_3850 IMG_3873

   What do you think?

 It’s soft to touch while easy to forage and collect. Gathering enough for our shop plants makes for a peaceful, quiet undisturbed afternoon. In fact, we’ve all volunteered to be the weekly moss collector.



Providing rich, luxe protection for indoor plants, spanish moss is the satin and lace that dress your girl. It’s the beautiful skirt that your favorite plant wears about the container that practically mulches her roots keeping her warm and protected.  It provides one of the prettiest frocks you ever did lay eyes on.

The Grumpy Gardner calls it a signature plant of the Deep South. And, that it is.

So now you know our secret obsession with fresh moss. You can probably guess why we don’t buy it in a box. Why we spend afternoons collecting. Why we all jump at the opportunity for have the next responsibility of collection.

The next time you see a Colonial House plant happily growing in a container look at the dress… and, you’ll know exactly what it is: spanish moss.


How To: Make a Gourd Luminary

[photo martha stewart]


Gourd Luminaries

Not ready to break out your Halloween decorations yet? No worries. Us, either. Instead, why don’t you craft this project. It’s perfect for welcoming fall around your house, perfectly brings the outdoors in.

Decorate your home for fall with a lovely luminary made from seasonal gourds.

Step by Step Directions, here.

Sunday Style Tip: Spray Paint Mini Pumpkins

Ideas for Fall Decorating - spray painted mini pumpkins

Sunday Style Tip!

Set the mood for Fall entertaining. Spray paint mini pumpkins for instant chic. Pop them on top of candle sticks or cake plates for a glam and quick & easy, yet unforgettable centerpiece.

PS: Our mini-pumpkins will be in this week!

We are constantly dreaming up DIY projects that we can easily do, and that others can quickly & inexpensively create.  Fall is just fabulous… love it. And, can’t quit dreaming up ways to decorate.

“Bring the outdoors in,” say the Colonial House staffers. If you hang about the shop you’ll hear it over, and over again. Autumn offers a perfect opportunity to live up to the company mantra especially with items like, pumpkins so-everywhere.

Casa Cullen has simple decorating ideas with pumpkins that we totally fall for:

A pumpkin as a cooler? Impressive.

With a few steps this one’s pretty easy, too. ‘Looking glass’ spray (we have a can at the shop if you want to borrow) can transform plain glass pumpkins into these show stopping centerpieces. Use a metallic spray first to get the best effect, and seal with clear spay.

Thumbtacks never looked so glam and festy.

Enjoy the easy craft!

Candy corn pumpkins have to be the Last-Minute-Decoration of the day! Despite the minimal amount of time required to complete this task, they look polished. 


Oh, and this one’s a score. The Eyes have it! This is a perfect decoration for children. 


This is sophsticated style with the fewest supplies with little supplies: gold craft paint , gold glitter dimension paint and some vellum leaves. Easy! 

 In a constant quest to easily bring the outdoors in, to create something surprising and easy, we’d love to know how you decorate for fall. Better, share a picture.

Happy Easy Fall Decorating, y’all!





Colonial House Crush: Pam Heavner

Pam Heavner of Pam Heavner Fabrics in Chapel Hill, NC  is the most amazing southern woman we've ever met. #Gorgeous

Pam Heavner’s first design project was building her own Barbie Dream House. Who wants to live in pink plastic when it could be oh so much better? Oh, oh, she is sooo our kind-of girl! Her gorgeous fabrics will make you swoon with visions of new drapes and upholstered chairs in your head. We promise. You will be in L.O.V.E.

So, here is the story: Christy met Pam, who is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this summer while working on a project in Washington, D.C. As two southern women amid a group of designers from around the country, the two immediately struck a bond. The conversation quickly turned to the beauty of the Sea Islands, Pam’s summer’s along the Georgia Coast and terrariums.

When Christy amitted she is “ga-ga” over greenery and adores terrariums. Pam confided that she makes them all the time and incorporates them in her interior design projects.  “I love them, too,” she said. The conversation was so enthusiastic that others in the room giggled (alright, the truth is they laughed really loudly!!) at their oomph and vivacity for these joyful little worlds. christyhulsey

Undistracted by the chortle, a friendship was struck. And, to our proud pleasure the accord didn’t conclude that week in the capital city. The two are collaborating with the Colonial House to bring Terrarium Building Workshop to you!

So, it is always a fantastic day when we get to announce a Terrarium Workshop. But when it involves our favorite people, in our favorite spot on the planet? It’s a learning extravaganza, an experience not to be missed. I’m talking all afternoon alongside Pam Heavner & Christy Hulsey as they share the ins and outs of making a terrarium. And set in the stunning Garden of the Coastal Plain, we are more than tempted to go set up camp under the barn right now.

Back to Pam. She recently showed The Scout Guide the easy steps to making these elegant little works of natural wonder. This is a picture from the feature article:

Terrariums with Pam Heavner. LOVE HER! And, am so proud that she is collaborating with us on our October Terrarium Building Class at the Garden of the Coastal Plain. Excited!

You can catch up with The Scout Guide of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill’s afternoon with her, here.

In the case you’re as taken with Pam Heavner as we are, still wanting to know more this is her biography:

Pam Heavner 

       Pam Heavner’s mission is to remind the world to make time for Home. Whatever that is. A baking oven, a blooming garden, an ancestral photograph on the mantel. With a career in Interior Design specializing in historic renovation, she realized the outside of the house is as important as the inside. Coming from three generations of florists, gardening and floral design would complete the picture. “My grandparents had 8 greenhouses on their property and from the first time I saw all those plants living under glass and inhaled that organic, damp smell – I was a gardener”.
      As Pam’s business grew, and time management was the one in charge, terrariums started taking up residence. “It was someone who lived here who could feed and water them self. Viola”!  This vibrancy made it look and feel like home – even when we were gone. “Its the only smell in the world that is described by a color -green”. 
       Studying Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina turned into a 25 year career in Interior Design, specializing  in historic renovation. Pam’s diverse interests have placed her in “Bon Apetite” magazine for her culinary talents, and taken her to the White House to help in the Flower Shop with everything from Christmas to Inaugurations. In 2012  “Pam Heavner Fabric” entered the market place. A collection of linen designed for drapery and upholstery that is marketed and sold internationally on line and at the Atlanta Design Center.  2013 brings the newest division – “Pam Heavner Paper”, a line of fine stationery and paper goods. 

About the Terrarium Workshop: 

Dates: October 26, 2013
Location: Garden of the Coastal Plain at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

Bring: a vase, any thing you specifically want to put in the terrarium (pine cone, plant, or even a smurf)

For more details and to register, head right over here!

Colonial House Giveway + FTD

Any time we have an opportunity to collaborate with FTD on a celebration, we jump on it. But can you blame us? Their age-old flower delivery system is pretty much the bomb dot com, and  they always have the best holidays. In honor of our sweet Statesboro friends, I mean everyone is soo nice here (we really, truely LOVE y’all), we’ve gathered the ribbon, sharpened the shears, have someone handling the entries and have called every helper we know.

And the result? We’ll be handing out  1000 of the prettiest flowers you can ever wish for.

A few of our neighbors will receive a dozen roses on this day. This is so-great, if we do say so. FTD has a knack for creating the best holidays. And, Statesboro has the nicest people!  We’re so excited to participate for the very first time. Oh yeah, and, just because nominees receive the dozens doesn’t mean the fun ends. Because, my dears, the recipient is asked to take one and give away the others to 11 different people.

We’ve teamed up with FTD Good Neighbor Day and worked hard to bring you one of the coolest giveaways EVER.



TO ENTER: Head to Statesboro Herald and tell us about someone you know in Statesboro who is constantly inspiring others, or making everyone feel welcome. We want to know about someone who does nice things for people.

PRIZE: The lucky CH fan will receive a dozen wrapped roses. And, we’d love if they’d keep one and give the others to 11 different people.

DEADLINE: All entries must be received by September ?, at 11:59 pm EST.  The winners will be announced right here on Suite 1I on September 11, 2013.  We’re crossing our fingers for you! xoxo


We’d love civic group and business partners, so if you want to join in, let us know here:

Bow Ties Having A Moment


{boutonniere by Colonial House ; photography: Wendolyn Wells}

Okay, y’all. I am not going to lie! Isn’t it adorable how Patrick and his groomsmen kept it Southern-casual in suspenders and bow ties?

 It lends to the laid back, comfortable setting that is a perfect mirror of the relaxed, cheerful couple. Speaking of bow ties , these funky wardrobe pieces are making a come back. They’re having a moment, and I am thrilled.

 Gone are the days of the solid black bow tie paired with the gold-standard tux, and here are the days of bold-colored and fun-patterned pieces, designed to spruce up any drab ensemble.

Here’s one from Acorn in the Lake that is polka-dot-adorable.

acorn chain in lake bow tie

Southern LIving recently featured this so-so-south bowtie clad crew in their Real Weddings blog.

Groomsmen Attire
Okay, so yes definitely love. Love. LOVE. bow ties paired with seer sucker.
And, these gingham ones, below… I mean, whew!
But, you don’t have to be from the south, and you don’t really have to be a gentleman to rock one of bow ties.
They can work with any wedding style.


Pin It

{formal striped bow tie photo by Scott Andrew via Style Me Pretty; rustic striped bow tie photo by Ben Sassovia Elizabeth Anne Designs}

If you are going for the  “Southern Gentleman” style, there are specific fabrics, colors and patterns should be used. Seersucker is on the top of the list, closely followed by colorful madras. Cotton and linen trump silk, and colors tend to fall in the fresh pastel category (peach, pinks, pale blues, light yellows) but not always.

Here’s one, LIndsey Bierman found, that is spot on. The bold red color somehow makes the playful polka dots feel a bit mischievous, and crazy-handsome-southern.

Red Polka Dot Bow Tie

Here’s one last picture of Patrick and his bow tie clad groomsman:

{boutonniere by Colonial House via Wendolyn Wells}


So, what do YOU think about bow-ties in weddings? Did you wear one in a wedding?  We want to know!

Guys, if you’re having a little trouble tying the knot check out this great resource on how to tie a bow tie!  And, guess what girl, bow ties aren’t just for the boys. Yep.   Forage has an amazing new summer collection of bow ties just for the women.

Our Bow Tie Go To: RJ Pope & The Sir Shop

Plants and Flowers: Dorm-Suitable Flora

The Colonial House of Flowers has a plant sale through the month of September, that gives Georgia Southern Dorm Residents 20% off indoor plants with ID.  Students wanting to add a bit-o-leafy green to their dorms look no further!

The benefits of keeping a plant in your dorm are varied— from combating the pollution to providing a be-good feeling of having another form of life in your dorm besides a sleeping roommate to many more. Plants are a great, inexpensive dorm decoration.  They’re trending right now.

Finding a plant that is both hardy and aesthetically pleasing is easy. Leafy, non-flowering plants are ideal for most, as they tend to be more durable than plants with blossoms.

According to Tonia McElveen, the shop’s floral director. golden pothos, spider plant, bamboo and fern are all great for people with typical GSU schedules. They require watering once a week and can grow in low light. As the hardiest of plants, cacti and succulents require special mention. As native to barren deserts, they are certainly capable of surviving in a dorm room, providing that you water them every two or three weeks.

For people who want a bit more color besides green in their rooms, Ashley Usry a student who tends the shop recommends flowering plants. Though a little maintenance with regular care these flowers should last a long time. African violets, orchids, hydrangeas, and jade plants all add a bit of vibrant color to lonely windowsill or desk. Provided that you water them once a week and keep them in direct sunlight, they will not quickly wither away.

Christy Hulsey the resident terrarium enthusiast suggests mini-ecosystems in an enclosed glass container. “The add a pinch of magic – they way they take care of them selves and create a tiny world,” she says.  “I am also a huge fan of air plants,” she adds.
Air Plant Hippo Planter Room Decor, College Dorm Ornament. Easy. Perfection.Air Plant Hippo Planter Room Decor, College Dorm Ornament. Easy. Perfection.Pinned byColonial House of FlowersOntoCollege by Colonial House


With all of these options, it is a great idea add a plant or two to your dorm before the leaves begin to fall.

Welcome back to Statesboro, Georgia Southern. We’re so glad you are here. May your days be fun and rooms a tiny bit green this year.


Colonial House