Only The Lonely Bouquet

Wow! What a great week this has been here at Colonial House of Flowers.

We are so excited to announce our participation in the first International Lonely Bouquet Day! We are so thrilled to bring this fabulous movement to our lovely little Statesboro, Georgia. The Lonely Bouquet Day is a way to brighten someones day through the power of flowers. The concept is to make flower arrangements and leave them anonymously around town for someone else to find and keep. You attach a tag to the flowers that says “TAKE ME!” and a little explanation of The Lonely Bouquet.

Paige received the chance to make a bouquets (for the first time ever!!!).

Paige making her FIRST BOUQUET (EVER!) for #thelonelybouquet

And,  deliver them all around town for people to find! Of course, she was not satisfied with just leaving them so instead Paige got out of her work clothes and went incognito to be able to watch who discovered the bouquets and their reaction to the lovely surprise! Paige was even able to snap a few pictures of their reaction from across the way!

What a wonderful feeling it is to brighten a strangers day!

 Here is one of the reactions Paige was able to capture:


 To view the rest of the photos Paige captured check them out HERE!

Also, make sure you check out The Lonely Bouquet Movements Facebook page and their official website and join the movement, we had such an awesome time taking part in this- and we hope you do too!

Sweet & Sticky BBQ Chicken Drumsticks


(Photo Credit: Romulo Yanes)

Firing up the grill this weekend? These Sweet & Sticky BBQ Chicken Drumsticks are a sure way to please all your friends.  

If you’ve made them before, you know they’re good. But if you haven’t, you definitely should.

Hey, better yet, make them and tell us what you think! Send in your photos and we’ll post them here.

the culinary artist behind the recipe: Azure Rountree

Ways to Use Wreaths

So, if you saw Friday’s post, you know that we are getting Christmas-ready at the shop. With that, we can’t leave you hanging. We want to tell you all the fun things you can do with that fabulous other holiday green (other than trees and garlands): WREATHS!

We *heart* wreaths. In fact, we hope to have a giant size one in our front window very, very soon.


By Colonial House of Flowers

Whether planning a winter wedding, or just want to freshen up your house or business for the season, we have you covered.  Colonial House of Flowers wreaths come in sizes ranging from 12-30 inches. There is a size for every whimsy – fresh wreaths, artificial wreaths, and illuminated ones. More, because the designers are inspired by different styles so are their creations.

There are so many fun and beautiful ways to use wreaths.  Let’s break it down…

Wedding Wreaths
Bride & Groom Chairs- Photo: Brion Hopkins

You can use wreaths to dress up Guest of Honor or Bride and Groom Chairs and dinner table chairs. A few flowers, a little ribbon. And, viola. They are fancy and beautiful.

Pinned Image
Wreath Centerpiece -

And, here’s another perfect use that is simply chic:  place wreath on a charger. Add a candle in the middle. Wax candles are good, but LED (wick-less) is an option, too.  This is a festive centerpiece that is pretty, easy and low maintenance.

Wedding Blog Chandler Vineyards Wedding by Clary Photo

This picture is from Grey Loves Weddings

One more way: borrow, rent or purchase an etsy vintage cake platter. You can use the wreath to accent the wedding or Christmas cake. The wreath also hides the little tacky-tinfoil-type tray the cake is delivered upon. We recently created a garland about a wedding cake for a rustic, vintage wedding styled by Adorned.  The seeded eucalyptus around the bottom was breathtaking as we hope share the pictures soon.

*Update: here’s our cake as seen on Style Me Pretty:

Escort Card Wreath

photo compliments of Fifty Flowers

And, our final wreath idea. Use a large wreath as a seating chart or guest book.  Okay, I love this idea.

I hope you enjoyed these Ways to Use Wreaths! To see even more inspiration, check out our We *heart* Wreaths board on Pinterest.