The Lonely Bouquet Day 2013

Nothing to do, nowhere to be. A simple kind of free. Nothing to do, no one but me, and that’s all I nee. I’m perfectly lonely. ― John Mayer

Our blooms were perfectly lonely, indeed.  On June 30, 2013, the zinnia’s, coral peonies, daisies, seeded euc and every one of their budding friends were a simple kind of free.  As they spread throughout the Statesboro area tagged with only one mission: to make a stranger happy. Lucky clusters.

The adventure that this simple concept (to gather flowers to leave behind for an unexpected surprise) creates is precisely the kind of  joy we seek – the perfect mix of chance, suspense and delight.

Here’s how to join the (inter)National Lonely Bouquet Movement. It’s easy. And, it’s great!

First, print cards to be tagged on each of the leave-behinds. Here are examples of the “Take Me” cards to tag your bouquets before you say adeiu and farewell.

Then, gather your stems from the garden.

Paige making her FIRST BOUQUET (EVER!) for #thelonelybouquet

Next, strand the posies about town & countryside. Leaving your outcasted flowers friends in locations that create short term estrangement – because early adoption is great. Don’t you think?

Our favorite locations this were the bustling ones like The Market District, the court house, Gentilly Gardens and the GSU library.

 A Colonial House lonely bouquet looking for adoption. Statesboro, Georgia. June 2013.  Floral Designer: Tonia McElveen  The Lonely Bouquet Movement. Statesboro.  Floral Design: Paige Shearer  One of our Lonely Bouquets awaiting adoption. Statesboro, Georgia. Courthouse

And, that is it.

Though it doesn’t happen each time, it’s wonderful to find out where our flower friends went.

lb lb1 lb2 lb4   

The Lonely Bouquet Movement’s only goal is to brighten a stranger’s day through flower power – whether from your garden, local florist or yard. The movement started with one person, one bouquet, one tag and one wish. Emily (who founded the movement) documented every single bouquet she cast. Now, the energy spans the globe bringing smiles to the world one flower at a time.

The more enthusiasts the merrier. Come along. Join in with us!

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Colonial House of Flowers



P.S. It’s Monday…

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Shearer.

And, I am the public relations intern at the wonderful Colonial House of Flowers.

Every Monday I’ll post something on our blog from myself, it may not be about what I am currently working on in the shop, or even about flowers at all.  Rather, something I think is interesting, amusing or enchanting & would love to share. Fun, huh?

Today I’m going to tell you all about one of my latest obsessions: Emi Jay hair ties!

photo from my pinterest board

I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. They’re stretchy accessories for tying your hair up that don’t  leave a crease. Wow! Finally done with throwing my hair up for five minutes and not being able to take it down because of that awful crease that pony tails leave in your locks – not to mention how bad they are for you!

These hair ties come in an assortment of colors.  And, look cute even when they’re around your wrist. My favorite places to find new Emi-Jay’s around here are:  RJ Pope, Threads, Viola’s Market & next door at Entourage

The Beach Lover Package - 6 Elastic Solid Color Hair Ties that Double as Bracelets by Mane Message on Etsy

this is the beach lover package 🙂

If shopping isn’t your thing, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own Emi-Jay inspired bands. Or, Social in the Market District has a hair ties that are similar to Emi-Jays.

You can even dress them up with things like flowers:

pinned onto Paige's Pins by Colonial House 

Emi Jay has headbands, ties & bows. And, they all work amazingly.  Okay honestly, they HOLD for everything – a workout,  a long day of vase building, plant gathering, flower deliveries, class  and campus. They even work for high-glamour situations  and well, so many different occasions. 

photo from the southern eclectic

So, I am sharing my latest obsession in this first post. Seriously – they stay in place. All day. And look super chic.

Hope you have crease-free hair days ahead!

Until Next Week,

P.S. It’s Monday

Sustainable Bath Salt

we’re excited to let you know that we have this new bath salt line in the shop.  it’s a perfect goody for basket deliveries. what do you think?

for every jar purchased (just like the soap), hand in hand donates a bar of soap to help save a child’s life.  buy a jar, give a bar.

it’s super simple.

the bath salts are ethically hand-harvested from ancient salt deposits in the andes mountains of south america and mixed with all-natural essential oils that are safe – paraben-free & petrochemical-free. and, that’s really important especially when someone has just undergone something like chemotherapy.

we feel good about sending this in our get-well-so-soon baskets.

did we mention that the packaging is beyond GORGEOUS. it perfectly compliments our flowers, edibles, plants and baskets.

the TRIPLE milled shea butter soap is sure to be soothing to the skin and senses, gentle on our environment, and a beautiful compliment to your home.

we *heart* it!


  • sold at Anthropologie stores nationwide, Colonial House locally
  • if you’re into artistic packaging, oh joy! and Emma Block did the magic, more info here.

{photo by Hand in Hand}



Today we have great-and-super-awesome fortune to attend a  multi-day bridal flower workshop given by HitomiGilliam with Barry Cowart and A Floral Affair.
Are you familiar with Hitomi’s work? All we can say is: WOW. Like, totally. If you are unfamiliar, looking her up is worth the effort because Hitomi is absolutely fabulous.

Tonia McElveen, a senior floral designer, is traveling to Hilton Head to represent the Colonial House.

We’re so proud. 

Last week while in NYC, I had the pleasure of conversation with Laura  Iarocci of Faith Flowers. “You’re going to love visiting with Hitomi. She’s a dear friend. She is practical… knows a lot about mechanics. And, she is interested in encouraging the love of flowers in children… for future generations to carry-on this art,” she said.

We are eager to experience what Laura is referencing, to learn, to grow at this conference.

Have fun, Tonia. Give it all you’ve got! So, so, so very proud of you.



photo via sprout

Say “NO” to the Rose

roses by Colonial House of Flowers
roses, a photo by Colonial House of Flowers on Flickr.

Sure, your’e right: red roses are beautiful, traditional and crazy romantic. But at this time of year, they also tend to be of poor quality and overpriced. “You’ll be paying a lot and not getting the best flowers,” says Matt Phillips of the Colonial House of Flowers legacy. He grew up working in a premier family florist that was established by his parents in 1968.

“Instead, try sticking with flowers that tend to be in season, like as tulips or anenomes.”

If you can’t stand the idea of a Valentine’s Day sans fresh roses, look for roses with firm, hydrated heads.

The Early (LoVE) Bird Gets the Free Delivery

The Early (Love) Bird Gets the FREE DELIVERY

Order your Valentine something special from Colonial House of Flowers and delivery is on the house!

Give us a call (or visit our website) to order flowers, teddy bear,  chocolates, or balloons by February 10 and we’ll make the delivery free.  It’s on us!

Wait. Wait, there’s more. We have lots of Valentine Packages so you can be uber romantic this year.

Here’s our favorite: 

Call today, and we will make your reservation for a fabulous bouquet on Valentine’s Day.
photo of our roses by Bellajay Photography

Give the Perfect Gift

It’s not too late to give the perfect gift…


With easy ordering built for business, flexible denominations and personalized messages, our Gift Cards are the perfect way to say thank you to clients, colleagues and employees.

Gift Cards are delivered within minutes and can be redeemed in our store and online.  Contact Us to learn more and to inquire about volume ordering discounts. 

Inspire, Encourage & Reward your Clients & Employees with a Gift Card.  

Hanging Wreath

When hosting a party, especially a holiday party, you want to make sure that the ambiance is warm, personal and inviting. This is exactly why we make these hanging wreaths. Not only do we make them in-house, but we have searched high and low for the best designers to make these creations. In fact, Jenny Coulter, who is extremely talented with her wreath design, is using the Colonia House of Flowers as her exclusive design house. They are only available in the shop. We are sooo proud!

Yes, back to the topic of wreaths for soiree’s:  simple wreaths on their own are fabulous. But when guests see a few of these beauties hanging around your home, it’ll be as if you’re casually saying, “Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m an amazing hostess? Sorry about that!” When you’re inevitably complimented, of course, you’ll act as if it was just something you threw together. Inside, we know you’ll be glowing – it’ll be our secret.

Starbucks Basket.

Starbucks® Evergreen Coffee and Tea

Guess what? We have a Starbuck’s basket!!
We’ve joined FTD to create this perfectly perky basket. Send thanks and good wishes with this gift of Starbucks® Coffee and Tazo® Tea delights. It’s a perfect way to show your gratitude or send your appreciation for a job well done, this lovely cream basket contains three classic Starbucks® coffees: French Roast, Caffe Verona and Starbucks VIA® ready brew, six Tazo® Tea Bags and two sweet Nonni’s biscotti, as well as a classic green Starbucks® logo mug.

Exquisite and ready to be enjoyed. Order, here.

Succulant Wedding Bouquets

photo by Matt Lien via spruce

Love a succulents in pots, in arrangements and in wedding bouquets.  This one with it’s blue-green hue looks beautiful complimenting the pale pink roses, white dahlias, Queen Anne’s lace, and snow on the mountain of these summer blooms.